Oh the Randos…

Two marriage proposals in two days. Wow. Ok so I get randos in my in box all the time. A handful a day most days. I read. I laugh. I delete. Sometimes I play along snd waste their time because well….it’s funny. But man sometimes the randos get desperate. Just an FYI: being a widow

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Tony’s first day of school

Yesterday this amazing little love turned three months old. He is getting so big so fast. At last check he was 12&1/2lbs. He rolled over all by himself the other day. He just lights up when getting attention. He has found his amazing smile and his laugh. His favorite place to sleep is in Daddy’s

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Starting a New Year

Dear Stephen, Today is the first day in another year you will not see. You never got to see 2019&2020. It’s still painful to know you aren’t going to be in this year too. I know it’s a strange thought to many. The idea that the widowed aren’t a fan of New Years. That it’s

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New Years Eve

Tonight is a heavy drinking night for a lot of people. And I’m all for people having fun. Really I am. But drunk driving is not ok. Two years and 7&1/2 months ago my life was flipped upside down and complete torn apart because of a drunk driver. When someone was so selfish that it

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Just a Couple of Stockings

We have just a couple of stockings in our home this year…… Stephen, Bethany, Jonathan, Ann, Keeley, Jacob, Logan, Tony, Beverly, Toni, Tina, Jack and Tasha. This hasn’t been an easy move. Last year we we changed out the stockings. We went to target, as a dating couple who had just moved in together and

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A Glimpse of Stephen

So Stephen would be proud. Logan asked me to put his napkin on him like this and then proudly said “I’m a waiter”. I know Stephen is up there smiling at this. The restaurant industry was in Stephen’s blood. And I’ve joked that Logan is very much the product of me and his Dada so

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The Santa Thing

This is an odd one for me. Christmas has always been my favorite holiday. Hands down. Hard to guess with how much I love Halloween lol. But really all my life I’ve been all about Christmas. Even as a child I had a Christmas tree in my room. At least in middle school. And when

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Seems Accurate

Right now Christmas gifts are stacked in my bedroom unwrapped. Logan has pulled every car out of the bin they are in so it looks like my living room has exploded. Don’t get me started on dishes and laundry. And I’m counting down to bedtime. ? ?TWM #thatwidowedmom #lifeafterloss


My boys. The loves of my life. Morning cuddles is my favorite time of day. I love my job. And yet I have such mixed feelings about returning to work. About missing out on these mornings with my babies. I’m for sure going to cherish the next few weeks I have home with them. Getting

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Mom Time

Right now I’m having some much needed mom time. Not going to lie, the last few weeks have been hard. Jonathan’s job should be work from home most of the time. But as of late it hasn’t been. It hasn’t even been work from Houston. He has spent a lot of time in San Antonio.

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