Last Pic

This is the last picture I took of you Stephen. You were so happy being a dad. I make it my promise to hold strong to the parenting things you wanted. And if anyone ask I will tell them I’m respecting my husbands wishes. Logan will be raised like you wanted him to be. #claylo


I got to go to the car and look around in what was left of it. I found his wedding ring. That made me smile. It’s something I can keep to pass onto Logan some day. #claylo

Dear Stephen

Dear Stephen, 4yrs ago today you made me your wife. It is a day I will never forget. I will make sure your son sees these pictures. Make sure he knows how his daddy swept me off my feet. He will get to watch our wedding video and hear your voice. Death may have in

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My reason for getting up this morning. Because he can’t feed himself. That’s my job. Just last week I talked about the different roles I’ve had in life. And watching my son eat has me smiling through tears. I’ve had two things added to my list. Two titles I never wanted. Widow and single mom.

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Tomorrow is my 4yr wedding. I have a ton of pics of Logan and his daddy. And a ton of pics of me and Stephen through the last 7yrs together. I wanted Logan to see and hear daddy. So I played our wedding video for him. His face just lit up when he saw his

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First Widowed

At 1130 lastnight I called my husband and told him my moms car was dead and he suggested I take her home and we stay the night there and fix it in the morning. He was on his way home from work. At 8am this morning I woke up and saw that my security system

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