First Night Home

As I sit here watching Tony sleep my heart swells. He did so good for his first night home. He is for sure living up to the eat, sleep and poop thing. He was an angel last night and only woke us up if there was a reason. So we honestly sleep really well. I

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Welcome to the World Tony

Antonio (Tony) Derek Sterling 7lbs4oz 19&1/2in 2:56pm Welcome to the world little man. Mama and Daddy are so happy to meet you. You are our miracle. The answer to our prayers. We love you with everything we have. ?TWM #lifeafterloss #thatwidowedmom #tonydsterling #movingforward #answeredprayers

Dadas Sunglasses

When you are cleaning out junk drawers you find things. One of the things we found was Dadas sunglasses. I’m proud of myself. I’ve gotten better at not crying at these things. Not that there isn’t some emotion. I can picture my husband wearing them. So I didn’t want to just trash them. So I

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Annual Viewing!

Time for the annual viewing of the best Halloween movie! Hocus Pocus and pizza. And later we are carving pumpkins! Family night fun! ?TWM #lifeafterloss #claylojr #thatwidowedmom

Helping Clean

Little man loves to help clean. He dropped his Cheerios and didn’t want to eat them because now they are dirty. I told him he needed to help clean them up and he got so excited when he saw the vacuum come out. He just had to help push it. He is mamas little helper

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