The fun test…

Guess what I get to do today! So not thrilled. I mean I don’t know if I’m getting the orange one. But does it really matter. All of them are just so gross. Wish me luck! ?TWM #thatwidowedmom #26weeks #lifeafterloss

Say I Love You

There is so much truth in this. I remember after Stephen and I got married there was a while where we had a hard time. Like really hard. Like maybe getting married was a mistake kind of hard time. I got really depressed. I loved this man so much. But I couldn’t stand him. Neither

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Dinner With Family

Just some fun pics of dinner with family tonight. My mom came just last weekend and this weekend and will be here next weekend! She is helping get things ready for the baby who will be here in 12days!!!! Eeekkkkk!!! Everyone was in a good mood. All smiles and laughing and joking around. Amazing food.

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The Flag is Up

Stephens A&M flag is now hanging above Logans big boy bed. This makes me smile. I don’t know what school Logan will want to go to when he is older. But I do know where his Dada went. And I know Stephen wanted him to go to the same school. When I went through Stephens

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