New hair cut….looking a lot like Dada and loving it

As he gets bigger be looks more and more like his dada. Looking at these pics with his new haircut makes me smile and it stings at the same time. And this is what almost five years can look like. Ive been able to move forward in life. Amd at the same time there are moments that bring you back. Stephen is not here to seehis son grow up. And that will never not be sad. Yes I know that Logan gets things from me. But at the same time he looks sooooo much like his Dada. And there are moments where it is impossible not to see Stephen in him. And thats ok. Even Jonathan said he saw it the moment Logan looked at him with the new haircut. Stephen used to say “its like looking in the mirror”. #claylojr #thatwidowedmom #widowsoftiktok