Why yes…

Logan did fall and hit his head the day before his 4th birthday party lol

I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again. He is all boy. And I lubs him. He had a blast at his party and I’m so thankful to everyone that could come out and celebrate him.

I did so much better with his birthday this year than I did in the past. Yes there was some tears. But not the day of the party. Just a bit this past week. I did hold him while he slept and thought about how his dad should be here. But I didn’t get lost in those feelings. I let myself feel it and cry just a bit. Because I will always miss his dad. But then I picked myself up and kept moving.

Logan never saw my sad moments. He just knows he saw a movie on his birthday during the week and then got to have a fun party this weekend. And I’m glad he got to be a happy 4yr old boy. Seeing him happy is just everything to me.

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