Cherish The Mess

Oh the mess.

I am not a huge fan of the mess in my house. For the most part it stresses me out. And I could have let it stress me out today. But I didn’t. I was leaving for work and saw this on the floor. No worries the rest of the floor is covered in toys too.

But this part caught my eye. It made me smile. This is a sign of my kids. And my kids are my life. Yesterday Logan was running around in underwear, a T-shirt, Batman rain boots and a cape. Just thinking about it makes me smile.

And while I would love for the mess to be gone it is also proof of one thing. Life. My kids paying. So this morning I smiled at this mess. Took a pic because it made me smile. And then off to work.

One day they will grow up. Their toys will not be all over the place and the house will be quiet. And I’ll miss this. So I’m trying to cherish it while it’s here.


#lifeafterloss #thatwidowedmom