Take The Picture

Logan and Tony

Ok so this is Tony yesterday and Logan two years ago. Tony isn’t wearing Logans outfit. I just happen to buy this in newborn where I had it for Logan at one. But it’s too cute to look at the pics side to side. also let’s me know that next year Tony will have this outfit again as he wears Logans old one lol. I’ve heard so many times about how parents do things for their first child that they don’t do for others. And I can see that. I’m late on posting Tony’s stats from his doctors appointment. I’m hoping to post it today. But at least thus far I’ve still been good at cute outfits and taking a million pictures. I don’t want Tony growing up wondering why there are less pics of him then Logan. Or why he didn’t have cute outfits. Yes it’s silly. But it matters to me. Also to me pictures matter. I’m so glad I got so many pictures of Logan and Stephen. And Stephens death reminded me how important pictures are. So Tony will reap the benefits of that life lesson. There will be pictures of him. Not because I live in fear. But rather because the worst can happen. And I know just how important those pictures can be. I will cherish those in my life. And take pics of my family. If only I could get the teens to agree to more pics lol.


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