Tony is a Month!

One month ago today this little man came into our world. His one month appointment is Monday so I don’t have the stats on how much he had grown yet. I can say he has been cluster feeding off and on the last week. He is up to drinking about 2.5oz of mama milk. Like his older brother he prefers left boob lol. He is also getting used to drinking my milk from a bottle. So that should be helpful when I go back to work and he is in daycare. He loves sleeping in his Daddy’s arms. He is great at the “eat, sleep, poop” thing. He isn’t sure if he likes a paci. Sometimes he wants it and other times he doesn’t. He loves being milk drunk and as his mama I find it soooo adorable. He isn’t the biggest fan of sleeping on his back. He quickly moves to his side. Tony has been such a blessing to this family. He is adored by his parents and all his siblings. This little fall baby is such a light in our lives.


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