This Weeks Frustration

We had Tony’s one month appointment scheduled for today. I even got the confirmation on Friday. But I missed the call this morning saying the appointment needed to be rescheduled. The doctor couldn’t come in today. So I got us out of the house for no reason. We have to go back tomorrow.

I had a moment of being super upset. I went to CVS to get my prescription and the line in the drive through took forever. Tony dropped his paci and was crying. I was thinking about how I have to take Tony to Jake’s appointment with me this week and how Jake’s appointment means Logan most likely had to miss his swim class. I had a moment of being so very overwhelmed. Wanting to cry.

Life can get so very overwhelming sometimes. The little things can add up and make us want to just give up and cry in the closet. The reality is I can’t let myself fall apart because the kids things overlap and Jonathan isn’t here to help because he is out of town for work.

His work keeps taking him out of town. And it’s super frustrating. But I try to remind myself there is worse. The reality is I’ve lived though worse. After the kind of loss I’ve had I know there is a difference between out of town and dead. And I can deal with out of town. I can take the baby to Jake’s appointment with me and reschedule Logans swim class for another day or time. Will it all be easy. No. But it can be done.

Frustrating moments can shake us. It’s hard to not be shaken in life these days. But I also have to remind myself there is a bigger picture. There is life past the moments we don’t like. That I need to be grateful for what I have over being frustrated with what I don’t like. To not let frustration ruin my day or week.

Not always easy. But life isn’t always easy.


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